Standard Terms and Conditions

  1. 1)Equipment & personnel are subject to availability at scheduled time of request. Arrival times are not guaranteed & we bare no liability for delays of any type.

  2. 2)Labor Overtime or Double time rates are billable as incurred. Standard Hours are 08:00 to 12:00 & 12:30 to 16:30 Monday thru Friday. Overtime will be charged for all time other than Standard Hours and on Saturday. Double time will be charged for Sundays, days recognized as holidays & "Me Too" time where other crafts are receiving double time. Shift schedules may be changed by pre-arrangement one-week prior. 

  3. 3)Customer is responsible for job site conditions and must provide ample, unrestricted firm level ground for equipment to move under it’s own power, set up / tear down & operate. Additional costs will be billed as incurred for delays caused by poor job site conditions. We accept no liability for damage to, or caused by, any interior or exterior ground surfaces or underground structures due to the weight of, or operations of the equipment or movement of the load.

  1. 4)Additional charges apply as incurred for OT/DT, subsistence, crew travel, permits, stand-by, weather delays, additional mobilizations & organized labor territories. 

  2. 5)Quantities are estimated unless specified. Actual time incurred will be billable as incurred, subject to minimums. All time is billed in 1/4-hour increments rounded up to the nearest 1/4-hour, port to port. Hourly minimums are charged each trip to a given job-site, and may be satisfied over a consecutive day period. Should you require the equipment to remain on the job-site for 24-hours or more, you will be billed a minimum of 8-hours per day, for each day the equipment is on site, until released, regardless of use unless otherwise stated. If you release the crew, but retain the crane, the crane rate will be credited $45.00 per hour. We reserve the right to remove/replace the equipment from your job-site, at your expense anytime it is unused. Weekly minimums are based on 40 hours of work in a 7-day period. Monthly minimums are based on 160 hours of work in a 28-day period.

  3. 6)All rates are subject to change without prior notice. Quote pricing is valid for term stated. Contractual or safety requirements presented post quote will affect pricing. Additional surcharges may apply for increased risks or costs due to Subcontract terms, insurance or safety requirements of Owner and/or Contractor. No contractual relationships will be accepted after the onset of the work.