At Champion Crane we feature cranes from top manufacturers like Liebherr, Grove, Link-Belt, National, & Altec. We are continually updating and expanding our fleet. From small to large we structure our fleet to fit the ever expanding needs of our customers.

Use these links to determine what equipment would work best for your project:

Industrial Carry Deck Crane - For small tight job-sites, Our 8.5 Ton Carry deck crane can pick and carry loads. This crane has rear wheel steering, and if the telescopic main boom isn’t enough this mighty little crane has a jib it can deploy to reach up to 37’. Our carry deck crane can run on propane. Great for inside buildings and factories due it’s small size and hefty load chart.

  1. Hydraulic Truck Cranes - Our Hydraulic Truck Crane offering is a large selection of cranes ranging in capacity from 25 Tons up to 70 Tons. Some of these cranes are suited for long reach, some for heavy lifting, and most for both. These cranes sit on a specialized carrier designed and built by the crane manufacturer. They are generally larger, heavier built cranes for a variety of jobs. Some common jobs we do with these cranes are larger rooftop air conditioners, modular homes, concrete vaults, and steel erection. There are many different types of projects that we can accomplish with these cranes.

  1. Boom Trucks - Also known as Taxi Cranes, we offer a range of Boom Trucks from 17 Tons up to 37.5 Tons. Our Boom Trucks are built on a commercial truck chassis. This makes them quick to get to a job-site. They generally setup in a shorter amount of time and feature a longer boom. Although not usually a heavy lift machine, they work great for a large variety of jobs, including residential trusses, small rooftop air conditioner units, tree work etc. Our Boom Trucks tear-down as fast as they setup and are quick to return to the shop.

  1. Rough Terrain Crane - Extremely soft, muddy, and tight job-site? Need to pick and carry a heavy load? You need our Rough Terrain Crane. Our 25 Ton RT features 4x4 drive and oversized flotation tires to help this crane move thru softer ground. With front and rear axle steering our RT can crab walk almost sideways.

  1. All Terrain Cranes - Large, multi-axle, super versatile, heavy lift, long reach cranes. Just some of the words that describe our fleet of All Terrain Cranes. Our offering of AT cranes spans from 120 Tons to 360 Tons. These cranes offer multi-axle steering and drive. With literally hundreds of counterweight, jib, luffing jib, and super-lift configurations these are some of the most versatile cranes in the world. These cranes do all sorts of jobs including setting water towers, vessels in industrial plants, catwalks and grain bins at large agricultural facilities, large modular buildings, trans-loading wind turbines, etc.

  1. Hydraulic Lattice Crawler Crane - For the ultimate in job-site mobility, extreme heavy lift pick & carry, and the versatility of multiple counter-weight & boom configurations. Our 300 Ton crawler does it all. This Crawler Crane is large, and has a phenomenal load chart, but can be setup in less than a day depending on the configuration required. This crane excels at wind turbine trans-loading, electrical transformers, industrial equipment, gas & oil plant vessels, agricultural equipment, precast concrete panels, and many, many other jobs.

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At  Champion our fleet is extensive, well maintained and modern. Most maintenance is performed in house, only the repairs that are too extensive are outsourced. We do this not only to keep your costs down, but to maintain the high quality of our equipment and keep crane uptime as high as possible. We have a custom maintenance program that provides us detailed maintenance scheduling, repair history & parts purchase information. We own all of our equipment, nothing is leased, so there is no concerns about how the equipment has been maintained. And since all equipment, regardless of the manufacturer, may break down at some point, our operators and technicians are skilled and familiar with the operations and repair of the equipment. All machines are inspected daily before operation, and undergo rigorous Annual Inspections, and Federal DOT inspections. Besides cranes, we have a large fleet of trucks & trailers not only to haul our own equipment, but to haul our customers equipment to the job-site. We have forklifts, jacks, and rigging equipment for machinery moving. We have many different crane accessories including spreader beams, man baskets, and concrete buckets. Whether your project is big or small, we can provide the right cranes and equipment to fit your needs. Please browse the page by using the links above, or simply scroll thru to get a sample of our crane and equipment offerings.



  1. Tower Cranes - We feature mobile, hydraulic portable tower cranes with both hydraulic and lattice booms. Up and over quickly is the tower cranes specialty. These cranes are transported to the job in a self contained, self erecting package via a semi tractor. They setup quickly, and feature towers that can operate at 4 different operating heights. Tower height can be quickly  changed via hydraulics. Our tower cranes excel at grain elevators, water towers, cell towers and setting units and materials up and over tall office buildings. They are very versatile for a wide variety of projects.

Knuckle Boom Cranes -  Our knuckle boom crane selection ranges in capacity from 5 Tons to 12 Tons. These cranes are primarily used for delivering our crane attachments to our cranes on your job-sites, although we do many customer jobs with them. These cranes excel in picking a load, placing it on the truck bed, taking in to another location, and unloading it. Also great for small units on a roof in a tight alley, working inside buildings, and we’ve even used them for customers to work on planes and helicopters inside hangers.

Semi Trucks and Trailers -  We have an entire fleet of trucks and trailers. The primary function of this equipment is to haul our crane components to your job-sites, but we routinely haul our customer’s equipment. Some customers have loads shipped directly to our fenced 8 acre facility, where we offload and store the unit for them, then reload it to one of our trucks for delivery at a later date. This allows our customers not only direct control of when their unit shows up, but saves them demurrage fees charged by most trucking companies.

Forklifts -  Champion offers forklifts from 7.5 Tons to 50 Tons. We use these to accomplish everything from wind turbine component offloading at rail yards to rigging and machinery moving jobs. Our 100,000 lb. Rigger Special forklift has 2 different width sets of forks, and all of our industrial forklifts have rigger’s boom attachments.

Crane Accessories -  We have a robust selection of crane accessories. Fixed and adjustable length spreader beams, one or two man aerial work platforms with integrated test weights, material box (skip box), concrete buckets, rock buckets, aircart (for hvac units), and yes even a giant flag for special events. Just one more way we strive to serve your needs.

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